A still life in NYC

This pandemic has caused borders to close, it separated loved ones and kept everyone at a distance, but it also inspired new ways of connecting. Even though we were all in it together, it has affected us all in different ways. Luckily it has united many people coming from different backgrounds, sharing their lost sense of freedom and creatively building bridges to overcome the distance. Many have come to realize that keeping things simple can feel quite complex.

Slowing down and remaining still has been challenging yet insightful. As a result of this our roots grew deeper and we’ve redefined all that is essential to us. We’ve enjoyed the poetry of pureness and the beauty of connecting beyond the distance. From Amsterdam to NYC, our Lois family has grown even bigger with the extremely talented and lovely @kat_in_nyc who has captured Lois so perfectly in spite of all limitations.

With nothing more than a model and her camera on the empty streets of New York, Kat has illustrated that this is all we need, and that creativity and new friendships travel across borders. There is no going back to normal but there is an opportunity to rethink, reconnect and restart to create something new.