Lois Cares

At Lois we care about our planet and wish to contribute to a more responsible world. Therefore we continuously improve and expand our sustainable practices. By educating ourselves and keeping up with the latest technologies and innovations, we invest in order to reduce our environmental footprint. 

We introduce two collections per year accompanied by several ‘limited’ capsule drops throughout the season. Every piece we bring into the world was thoughtfully created and believed to be of added value to our brand, the customer and the overall fashion landscape.

Made In Spain

Ever since the 60’s Lois has been made in Spain and we feel extremely proud to still do so today. It allows us to produce our collections in a responsible and fair manner and to be involved and committed to the entire process.

All garments are crafted, embellished and treated by hand, by the oldest tailor family in Spain. Packing a little bit of history and authenticity in every single product.

The most important sustainable pillar within Lois is that the garments are produced in Spain and a small part in Portugal. This way we can ensure that our factories are up to date on all environmental regulations and provide legal and honest labor conditions. At the same time we contribute to the growth of a local and national specialised industry.


Even though we’ve managed to improve many facets of our production process, we recognise that sustainability within fashion is a complex matter which should be addressed with absolute transparency and care.

We are working closely together with our main factory in Valencia, Spain in order to have and maintain control over the entire production process. We are able to retrace the source of every style, which factory is in charge of production and every other step in between until it’s ready for transport.

This provides us with complete insight in the supply chain of our garments.

From fabric to fiber

In order to reduce our impact, our main focus goes to the fabrics we work with. With new techniques such as eco spray, zero water fabrics, recycled denim and lazer & ozone, we continuously improve and transform our iconic jeans into sustainable and planet friendly fits. Next to our fibers we equally adopt better washings and finishes to our process.

Labeling & Packaging

In our journey to planet care, we’re also rethinking and redesigning our labels and packaging. From collection No.12 onwards we’ll be using 70 to 80% recycled poly-bags and 100% recyclable e-com bags. 

The patches on our non denim pants are synthetic. The ones used on our jeans are made from split leather, which is the bottom part of the leather after being split and is therefore considered waste. Our instore packaging and collateral will soon be getting an upgrade as well.